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More than 6,000 bloggers entered our inaugural Blogosphere Blog Awards.

At the ceremony, which took place at the end of June, Hannah Gale was crowned – by public vote and panel – winner of Blogger of the Year. The prize of which was the September cover of Blogosphere magazine.

When she won, Hannah said: “It's crazy to think that there are so many people out there reading my blog and supporting me”. Supportive they are – Hannah has one of the most dedicated audiences in the blogosphere, who come back to her blog time and time again for her brilliant and candid writing.

In the cover interview, Hannah speaks to us about engagement vs following, the struggles she's had with mental health and her plans for motherhood. She's raw, relatable, likeable and incredibly passionate about the blogging community.

Among many other things, Hannah shares her predictions for the blogosphere, the types of brands that are her favourite to work with and why being a full-time blogger is much harder than many people think…

It's a brilliant read and the pictures taken by Alexandra Cameron in Hitchin Lavender are utterly beautiful.

Bronze subscription package includes:
– Four issues of the print magazine (starting from issue 14 Hannah Gale)
– The magazine before it hits the shelves
– Free 32-page events supplement

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