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Changing your direction in life can be intimidating. Add eight million eyeballs into the equation and it becomes terrifying. This is the position in which Louise Pentland found herself in September 2016.

After seven years of creating 'vanilla' content online as Sprinkle of Glitter, Louise decided to rebrand in order to cover more adult themes on her social media platforms. As she tells us in the cover interview, “I'd played it safe for so long and then last year I was like 'fuck it'. I never wanted to be a children’s entertainer.”

It has been a bumpy road since making the move away from PG content, but Louise is feeling inspired, reinvigorated and excited to produce videos again. In the interview, Louise also opens up about the fallout from her morning-after-pill video, the difficulties she's faced in her personal life and why there will always be people seeking to tear her down.

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